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DISCLAIMER: The purpose of this personal blog is to express creativity and opinions. The posts are not intended to be professional (financial, nutritional, personal, or etc.) advice or health/medical advice or diagnosis. If any content from these postings could impact your health in any way, before pursuing, you must contact your health provider. Therefore, I cannot be held liable for any of your choices. If you do not consult your provider, it is at your own risk. This blog does not reflect the opinions or views of my employer, academic institution, or any other associated organizations. My goal is to have a fun and loving environment, and my viewpoint of how to achieve that may change at any time. Therefore, I may shift the focus of my blog and how I manage it without notice. I am not perfect; therefore, I may make mistakes or omissions. I encourage everyone to seek clarification and to do your research. Feel free to respectfully disagree with any reviews or topics. However, know that I have to right to delete any offensive comments that do not meet my blog’s vision.

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