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Book Review: Reflections of an Anxious African American Dad by Eric L. Heard

“An irrational thought can spiral into unreasonable actions that can affect the next generation’s ability to heal”

Eric L. Heard

The Reflections of an Anxious African American Dad is about a father wanting to share with his son how his experiences as an African American have impacted who is today. The author hopes that this book will help his son how his upbringing developed him. He hopes to also share these experience for others to get a snapshot into the experiences of an African American male.

I will start by saying the book went beyond my expectations. Not because I expected it to be awful, but I was concerned about how I could relate to book. However, I left with so much wisdom and insight into how my childhood experiences have impacted my adulthood.

I love his vulnerability and how he painted his struggles as life-altering in good and bad ways. I went in expecting to hear about fatherhood experiences as a Black man dealing with anxiety. However, I received an eye-opening look into the life that shaped him into the man he is today. The use of analogies and self-reflection led me to think about my life and how I achieved similar life lessons. Every chapter had a word of wisdom. My favorite two were ” an irrational thought can spiral into unreasonable actions that can affect the next generation’s ability to heal” and “triggers are sneaky and can be transferred to kids if you are not careful.” These two stood out to me because both have impacted me, and it charged me to think about how I will intentionally prevent or rectify instances of these with my future children. Overall, I think this is an amazing book for everyone to read regardless of their background. I think you will find something that you can identify with.

This book is a generally quick read, and it is jam packed with stories and knowledge.

Eric L. Heard currently lives in Bowling Green, Kentucky with his wife, Sonya, of 17 years and his son, McKinley. Eric is a graduate of Florida State University with a BS in Engineering. He also has a Master’s Business Administration from Indiana University and Master’s of Manufacturing Operations from Kettering University. He is an Army Brat who has lived in the Southeast United States, Germany, and Japan. You can contact him at, if you have any questions or need to contact me.

You can purchase the book on Amazon. Link below

I was given this book for review by the author.

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