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Book Tour: Live Your Best Life

“What does Live Your Best Life really mean? To me, it means being the best me that I can be for me and not anyone else. It means living in my truth and not the truth of someone else. It means living the life that I was meant to live and being okay with it deep down inside myself and not based on what others think, believe or approve.

Julia A. Royston

Book Review

Live Your Best Life is a quick guidebook on how to do just that, live your best life. This book is short, interactive, and gives you the tools to pursue a life of success focused on what you were called to do and your dreams. Each section ends with a place for you to reflect on your next steps after receiving Dr. Royston’s wisdom.

This book was enlightening and confirming. I frequently reassess my life to make sure I am still on God’s plan for my life, and I will be using this book to explore areas to grow in the future. Dr. Royston pointed to the importance of being aligned with your grand purpose and highlighted that it takes time. It is a journey to determine your purpose and calling.

The biggest take-a-way for me was the importance of living your life the way you want to live it. I lived a significant part of my life trying to obtain goals that may not have been God’s will for me. I went with what society and others were telling me. As Dr. Royston noted, how you envision your life may quickly change due to other people. Then, when you think about all of the energy you put into those situations, you have to ask yourself, was it worth it? Living your best life is about living a life you know was meant for you, regardless of what others think. You have to look back at all the challenges and roadblocks and say it was worth it.

I highly encourage you to read this book, especially if you want to take back charge of your life’s directory with God’s help.

About the Author: 

Julia Royston spends her days doing what she loves, writing, publishing, speaking and coaching others to tell, introduce and create businesses surrounding their messages to the world.  That is her “Why.”  Her companies, BK Royston Publishing LLC, Julia Royston Enterprises, Royal Media and Publishing and Royston Book Fairs are the conduits that support all of her client’s endeavors.  To date, Julia has written 60 books, recorded 3 music CDs and Coached more than 200 to write and publish books as well as establish their own businesses.  She is the Host of the “Live Your Best Life” Broadcast heard each Sunday morning at 10:00 a.m. EST on  She hosts the quarterly Book Business Boss Podcast heard at  To contact and connect with Julia, visit | | | | 

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